Monday, January 19, 2015

Walter White... He's the devil

A bit of Breaking Bad fan art

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Roades on the Road

One big thing that has occupied the last half-year of my life has been a venture to create an entertaining and informative travel/outdoors Youtube brand. My wife and I took a long 4+ month roadtrip across the United States this summer, documenting as much as we could with video, writing, and photographs. Thus 'Roades on the Road' was born.

Along with our travel documentaries, we review gear and share tips for outdoor activity. Coming from a decidedly un-wealthy perspective, this often yields interesting and funny results.

I could talk all day about the trip, the process of filming and editing, social media use, and every other little thing that is involved with a big project like this, but I think it's best, for now, to let it speak for itself!

Of course you should thumbs up, subscribe, and share with all your friends! I'll be happy to field any questions you have as well!