Monday, October 25, 2010

Swashbuckler update!

I've done a bit more to tweak the timing, gave him some more life while he's swinging in, and some various other things. The soldier character's been referenced into the scene now, though I'm still not finished outfitting him in his armor.

As you can see in that playblast, I've set up some lights. So here are a few screenshots showing the lighting setup so far.

Everything looks good so far (within reason). The back ground will be tweaked and other things will be tweaked, but it looks ok.

Alright, things are still looking pretty good.

And then the problem rears its head. Oh my god, look at those eyes and teeth. Black and totally dead. I'm going to need to set up some lights linked just for lighting the eyes or bump up the ambient color on their shaders.

Coming up (after I finish the soldier man and lock down animation), fire using fluid effects!

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