Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What happened to you?!

This month for the 11 Second Club I'm doing an entry set in a hospital. Though it's a competition solely for animation, I like to try to push myself in other areas of CG in my entries (in areas like lighting, TD stuff, rendering, and post work).

Anyway, this month took me a little deeper into the world of After Effects. My entries normally involve some After Effects work but this got me doing things I haven't done before. I made an animated EKG heart monitor and did a DIY rack focus move. Surprisingly, the EKG part was pretty simple and the rack focus turned out to be more difficult. I tried to keyframe the focal point of the Lens Blur I had set up, but it it just turned into a mess. I tried to adjust the white/black points to do a more "manual" form of changing to focal point. Double mess.

Eventually I just had to have two different images with different static focuses and fade between them. Then I just keyed a gaussian blur on the EKG screen (which was a separate object).  I'm sure there's an easier way to achieve all of this but, for now, this works.

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