Friday, October 24, 2014

The Adams County Avengers

The Adams County Library serves a small rural community. Funds are very limited. Despite that, it is fairly forward-thinking, always looking for innovative ways to reach patrons. This is doubly true for children. Fostering a love of reading and a connection with the public library in young people is central to the library's mission. To that end, we developed an exciting marketing strategy, the Adams County Avengers.

We were a group of library superheroes, promoting free-thinking and imagination, constantly battling our nemesis Dr. Monitor. Dr. Monitor hypnotizes children with his giant screen head, turning them into mindless technophiles. Now, the irony of using a digital video to promote non-screen activity wasn't lost on us. I wrote, directed, shot, edited, and created effects for the video.

It was a huge success. We even went around to the local schools in full costume and got mobbed for autographs.

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